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Who is VIP CLUB a.s.?

In 1989, after the Velvet Revolution, what was then known as Czechoslovakia started opening its borders by removing barbed wire obstructions from its border with West Germany and Austria, the first glimpse of a new era was about to start.

In the early 90’s, casinos were being planned by the government along with an Austrian investor, mixing the interests of the capitalist Austria and the communist Czechoslovakia.

Then, in 1992, one year before the Czech Republic was created and Prague appointed as its capital, an eager Czech businessman saw an opportunity.

An economist from Prague, spent his youth working for the State Travel Agency of the Czechoslovakia, giving him a unique opportunity to see the world and talk to people that traveled beyond the iron fence, including his mother, a flight attendant of the national airlines, learning about casino, and from then, realized there was a gap to be filled once the regime changed.

After successfully operating a bus tour company bringing Italian travelers to Prague, the eager entrepreneur pronounced that Prague needed a real casino, Czech made, fair and reliable to fulfill a desire of the new industry that had started to boom – the tourism industry.

The location chosen was the imponent and classic 5-star hotel Ambassador, right in the heart of Prague, sitting at a prime address, the Wenceslas Square.

Croupiers and managers had to be imported from the UK, Australia, and the United States in order to run a smooth business, as there were no qualified workers available in the country.

Many lessons were learnt from this time, some in the hard way, giving him the ability and expertise to run a business like no other.

Since its establishment in 1992, VIP Club company has based its services on high professionalism, reliability, and ability to satisfy the most demanding guest.

This experience allowed us to understand our guests needs and provide a range of high-quality services, which are continuously being improved.

Casino Ambassador is one of the oldest existing casinos in Prague. During this time, we gained reputation as a traditional and honest gaming scene. We proudly welcome a stable local clientele, who find in here a reliable environment to play. Some of guests are happily visiting us for more than 20 years. Recently, with an increasing popularity of Texas Hold’em Poker, our establishment was recognized as having the longest hours of cash game in Prague.

We take addiction seriously, having strategies in place traced along with the government guidelines to protect our guests interests as well as their families and household. Gambling, as well as alcohol or tobacco can be addictive.

If you wish to know more about the dangers of gambling, feel free to approach our managers and ask how we can protect you from signs of addiction or visit the website with informative and compelling material.

Casinos are above all, a place to have fun, a break from the daily routine to be enjoyed responsibly.

Now we invite you to become part of our long history, to be entertained and have a pleasant time.


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