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Every manager wants their team to be super productive and successful. Many businesses use team-building games to achieve these goals.

We partnered with Schulering Creative and their unique Team Building Casino Games to bring exciting and innovative Team Building events to Prague.


Gambling and Game Theory are thrilling fields to simulate business relationships, the role of probability in the decision-making process, to study risk profiles, and to train our memory and thinking process under pressure.

But above it all, the games are FUN.

The games are points-base designed, without real money being involved.

Ambassador Casino Happy Hour June 2020-4


A light and easy exercise aiming to establish connections, acquaint and bonding the team.

Our experienced professional dealers will teach the game in a fun way without any pressure, discuss some well-known strategies and answer any questions that may come up.

JFF Team Building pg


Our Event manager will work with you to tailor the event to your needs.

This dynamic exercise will discuss the strategies making a parallel with business decisions and the role of probability, risks and reward when making uneducated decisions and comparing results with educated decisions.

The SCH Self-Discovery Team Building uses the Roulette and Blackjack games with a panel into the business discussions.

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SDG Team Build pg
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Hazard Games are known for its individualist play. But if we told you that you can team up? Three heads will think better than one, right?

The SCH Team Play event is set on developing a sense of quick communication as well as working together to memorize and develop strategies to increase the edge for profits.

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