Pontoon is a version of the game Black Jack.

The player must have a higher sum of cards than the dealer have, but does not exceed 21.

Whenever the total of your cards exceed "21" you immediately lose, regardless of the dealer’s cards.

The Ace counts as "1" or "11", picture cards (J, Q, K) count as "10" and all other cards as indicated by their Face Value.

The highest winning combination is called “Pontoon” (an Ace and a card value of 10 points), which is paid at a ratio of 2:1.

The winning combination of “Five Card Trick” (the player receives five cards whose total value does not exceed 21 points) pays 3:2.

Other winning bets are paid 1:1.

If your total is the same as the dealer’s, this is not a stand-off, player always lose.

You can double your original bet after you received your first two cards.

Then you can double your original bet one more time and you will get another card.

You can double any hand, except Pontoon. The Double bet must always be the same amount as the original bet in the box where you ask for Double.

You can create separate hands (spilt) with no limit of mumber on one game box. The only exception is an Ace, which can be split just once and for which you will receive only one more card.

The value of combination an Ace and a card value of 10 points is  only 21 points and it is always less then dealer′s "pontoon" or 21.